Bart Heirweg is a professional landscape photographer from Oudenaarde, Belgium and has been working as a freelance/independent photographer, with a strong interest in landscape photography. On his website he offers prints and canvasses for sale and through his image library and the photo agency Fotonatura his work is available for commercial and editorial purposes. Furthermore, Bart gives weekly workshops and lectures (BelgiumDigital Live, PixPerience, Zoom Kampus) to amateur and more advanced photographers, both in Belgium and abroad, and organizes photo trips to France, Scotland and Iceland. Bart also writes articles on a regular basis for several national and international magazines, such as Outdoor Photography Magazine (UK), Roots (Netherlands) and Shoot (Belgium). The last couple of years Bart successfully entered several national and international photo contests such as Take a view, Digital Camera Photographer of the Year, GDT, Asferico, etc. His images have been at display in the Mall Galleries in London and projected onto the National Theatre.

Having been passionate about nature since childhood, Bart Heirweg started out as a birdwatcher, mainly photographing insects and birds. Fairly soon he developed a special interest in landscape photography with light and ambiance being the two most important elements in his pictures. Being at the right place at the right time with the perfect lighting is what he aims for. Looking through the viewfinder of the camera and seeing the landscape, light and composition merge into a harmonious whole: it is a truly amazing feeling for him. With his work he tries to capture that feeling and raise awareness of the natural beauty of our planet.

When he goes out to take photographers, Bart scouts the area meticulously and let it impact upon him. After that, he patiently waits for the perfect moment to take that one photograph which makes it all worthwhile.