Christopher is the ideal collaborator, his skills on set are only enhanced by his understanding of the importance that It takes a team, every person, every department, working for the same goal. Synergy, but with the ability to lead with confidence while respecting each crew member. His artistry is perfectly balanced with the knowledge that this is a business, and on set we live by the clock, to keep the production on budget while preserving the look of the project ,and the vision of the director. Balanced is a great word to describe him.

His name is Christopher John, but everyone calls him Gallo, like his father and grandfather before him. You’ll understand after meeting his vivacious spirit for life. Only a nickname can contain his energy and zest for living. His background in global documentaries makes him a chameleon that embraces all aspects of humanity and creates an instant affinity with people he has just met. This is why there is such a natural and authentic  feel to much of his commercial work. Trust.  Although he is a native of New York he was raised in Northern Va. with Washington D.C as his playground and the Smithsonian Museums serving as his first, and most important formal education of the arts.

Yes he has had films at the most important festivals. Yes he is a veteran of the industry. Yes he has worked with all the latest cameras and tools. Yes he is a great communicator with talent, crew, agency and client, but his real gift is his absolute love and passion for the craft and to always be expanding and improving on himself as a person, and that naturally comes through in his work.

For fun he enjoys time on his bicycle,a swim or surf in the ocean and camping, but creating community and giving back is an absolute for Gallo’s life and his most rewarding experiences to date. For the past 8 years he has been mentoring at Venice High School’s film classes, Venice Arts at risk youth program, coaching soccer for Ayso and teaching at Zeno Mountain Farms film camp where they make films for people with and with out disabilities. Gallo lives in Venice Beach Ca.with his 3 sons, girlfriend of seven years, her two boys, his former wife down the block, and his Mother in neighboring Marina del Rey. Somehow it works. Sunday is for Spaghetti and Family, Period.