Craig Richards

Heinz 57, is what Craig’s friends call him – due to the amount of places and ‘accents’ he has! Born in Doncaster, May 1972 during the mining strikes, he soon moved to Zambia in Africa with his parents where his father ran a coal mine – this is where Craig’s photography journey started, playing with his fathers film camera’s.

Craig stayed in Zambia for another 9 years, returning back to Doncaster, before moving North to Durham where he’d stay until 14 years of age. Due to the turbulent world of mining which his father was very much part of, he again moved from the North East down to Nottinghamshire where he would finish his school and college years.

At 18, Craig left home and eventually after a few different jobs and lots of fun along the way, Craig started his own web design & development business, which became extremely successful, working with some high-profile well known brands.

It’s this design background that really led Craig into photography, taking it back up again at around 22 when he acquired a few of his fathers old Nikon Film camera’s, including a Nikon F.

Craig’s journey into photography started slowly and mainly down as hobby more than anything – his design business was his main focus and the photography was only taken as a bit of fun.

It wasn’t until Craig picked up his first DLSR, that things started to become more serious, with him starting to take a love for Landscape photography.