Josh Haftel

Josh Haftel first fell in love with photography after joining his high school yearbook in 9th grade. Like many photographers, the magic and alchemy of the darkroom was love at first sight. Josh went on to study fine art photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the school that George Eastman founded shortly after starting Eastman Kodak, in Rochester, New York. Graduating with a BFA in photography, Josh was able to take his love of photography and technology and combine them in a dream job at Nik Software, which at the time was a budding start up. After spending thirteen years at Nik, heading their product management and product education teams, Josh went to Google to work on the Google+ Photos team before eventually leaving to pursue his ever-growing passion for photography.

Now, Josh travels around the world, focusing on photography that ranges from landscape, to travel, to environmental portraiture, to his biggest photographic passion, abstract minimalism.