Matt Hart

Matt is a black and white photographer based in Liverpool UK. He was born in Hammersmith London in the 1960’s and lived most of his life in Kent. He moved to the North West of England where he finds a never ending source of material for his street photography. His journey through photography has been over 40 years mostly using film. He still shoots film, but most recently he prefers the freedom and flexibility of the digital medium striving to retain the integrity of the original image.

Annual projects have helped him to focus on his personal development within the industry, constantly challenging his own ideas and concepts and forcing him to learn new skills. In 2013 he carried out a Year of Black and White project, this made him re think his whole style and camera system. In 2015 he is going to start a Natural Light project and will be incorporating the use of filters in a very creative way in to his street photography.

His work has been featured all over the world in advertising, it has also published in many books and magazines, including many photography magazines.

Matt runs photography courses with groups as well as 1-2-1 sessions all over the UK, if you want to take part in any of Matt’s workshops then check out the Events page of his website.