Sharon Tenenbaum

I was educated as a Civil Engineer in Israel, and have been practicing as a Professional Engineer in Vancouver Canada. In late 2007 I made a decision to part from full time engineering in order to pursue my passion for photography after being inspired by a life-changing journey to South East Asia. My passion for photography started with street photojournalism, yet combined with my original background as a Civil Engineer, my work covers a wide gamut of subject matter from ‘in the moment’ Photojournalism to Fine Art Architectural Photography.

As a photographer I am a self-taught artist learning my craft through personal research and practical experience behind the camera. In my work I incorporate a Long Exposure technique to expand the expressive dimensions of my art. Although an artist at heart, I enjoy teaching and sharing with others my photography techniques and vision. I teach Architectural Photography Workshops around the world (NY, Chicago, Melbourne and Vancouver) and have written two eBooks, ‘How to Create Long Exposure Fine art Photography’ and ‘Left & Right Brain – A photographer’s understanding on how these mindsets affect our visual interpretation of Art’.