Tuan Nguyen

Dr Tuan Nguyen is a practicing general practitioner working in the South East coastal town of Folkestone where he is a partner in a large surgery looking after 16,000 patients. He is passionate about photography, enjoying its many varied styles, particularly street photography and landscape. The vast majority of his images are processed into black and white, as he feels the simplicity of monochrome speaks to him more than colour.

Tuan has always been fascinated by long exposure photography as it affords him the opportunity to represent the world in a way that it can make the mundane more interesting visually. When Tuan decided to take up long exposure photography seriously, he chose Formatt-Hitech Pro IRND filters and the 165mm Lucroit holder system for his favourite Nikkor 14-24 lens, as it was the most versatile and neutral system available. As he moved into using the Fujifilm X-series mirrorless cameras systems, he was happy to add the 100mm Firecrest 16 ND filter, allowing him to travel light without compromising image quality. Tuan can be found most weekends or holidays along various sea fronts or areas with interesting architecture, sitting back relaxing and enjoying the views waiting for his long exposures to finish.

Tuan enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and has created several Youtube videos demonstrating his processing techniques which have received excellent reviews. Tuan will be taking his enjoyment further in 2015 by hosting workshops to help others discover and enjoy photography.