Vassilis Tangoulis

Vassilis Tangoulis is an International Award-Winning Black and White Fine Art photographer based in Greece. He has been a recipient of international awards for his Black and White long exposure work in International Photography Awards (IPA) (2012-Second Place in Self Promotion, 2013 –Second Place in Landscapes) and more than 20 Honorable mentions in many different categories like Architecture, Panoramics, People, Self-Portrait, Abstract. Also winning works of him have been selected to be presented in galleries in New York for the Best of Show IPA awards (2012,2013).

His photographic vision is better described as capturing the time in a world where “present” is only an infinitesimal part of time, a fleeting illusion dividing almost infinite past and future. For him Fine Art photography is an alternative way to express a common subject so that each individual artist can reveal secret aspects about it. In order to do this, each artist experiments with light, time, and spatial coordinates– and then through one’s processing, one reveals a subject framed in a transformed world in which its dimensions can be easily described and visualized.

Recently published his first photobook with the title “Silent world”