Using a Holder System

Installing a Formatt-Hitech Holder System

Formatt-Hitech holder systems are designed to be quickly and securely attached to your lens. To attach the holder, first screw your adapter ring into your lens. The holder mounts to the adapter with a thumbscrew, meaning it attaches securely but can be attached or removed gently, without disturbing the lens.

  • Determine the thread size for all lenses you anticipate using with your holder system.
  • Purchase adapter rings for all of your lenses. For wide angle lenses, choose wide angle adapters to reduce the chance of vignetting. Wide angle adapters are available on the 100mm system only.
  • Thread the adapter ring onto your lens.
  • Install the holder system on the lens and gently tighten the thumbscrew to secure the holder.

Using a Holder System

Adjusting Your Modular Filter Stages

Depending on which size, Formatt-Hitech holder systems are supplied with either two or three filter stages installed on your holder system. Some holders also include a spacer in the rear slot. This spacer is for fitting 4mm cinema filters into the rear slot. However, take a moment to experiment using the holder system with and without the spacer, especially if you are using ND filters that feature light gaskets.

You may add and remove filter slots as needed. Ultra wide lenses, such as a 16-35, may benefit from only using two filter stages. Long screws protruding from the front of the holder system may also cause vignetting with wide lenses. One trick is to reverse the threads and let the extra screw protrude rearward. Just be careful when installing and removing your holder system to not scratch the front element of your lens.

Adjusting Your Modular Filter Stages

Install the ND filter closest to the lens. This is to minimize reflections and light leaking behind the ND which will cause significant deterioration of the image. If the filter has a gasket, place the gasket rearward toward the lens to create a light tight seal between the filter and the holder.

Loosen the screws slightly when placing the ND to minimize the chance of tearing the gasket. Slide each successive filter (most likely your grad) into the next closest filter slot. Tighten the screws very gentle to secure the filters in place. Over-tightening can cause deformation of the filter, which will cause distortion of the image.

Installing a Polarizer on the Holder System

  • Purchase the appropriate polarizer adapter ring for your holder system.
  • Remove the screws from the filter stages.
  • Remove unnecessary filter stages to minimize reflections.
  • Install the polarizer adapter ring to the front of the holder system.
  • Thread your circular polarizer onto the polarizer adapter ring.
© Bart Heirweg
© Bart Heirweg

Using the Lucroit 100mm Holder System

Lucroit Holders uses threaded adapters to connect to the lens. The holder system is then snapped onto the adapter ring.

This document should be applicable to FH holders, lucroit holders, all sizes, with tips and tricks for each holder. For example, using the flags on the Lucroit system and understanding lucroit’s ++ adapter ring.